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  • "I've been a 180 bowler for years, but you worked with me, helped with my fit and I've rolled 650+ for the last couple weeks. It's amazing. Thank you." Jim, Thunder Bowl.



  • “A little bragging from a 175 average bowler, a few weeks ago, I shot 203, 226, 221 - 650. Your knowledge and expertise are second to none.” From Dennis, Orland Bowl.



Whether you are a new or experienced bowler, learn techniques and perspectives from my 26 years of coaching and 50 + years of bowling


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Bowling is easier when you know more about what to do,

especially when it is easier to do it!


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Update: Ms. Bass was chosen Captain of the Dexter High School All-American Team, receiving the Bud Clapsaddle Award.

Congratulations Lincolnway Central HS grad Kalei Bass chosen for the 2018-2019 Dexter High School All-American Team.

Selected by Dexter Bowling in consultation with the International Bowling Campus Youth Development staff, the Dexter High School All-American Team is comprised of five girls and five boys who participated in a recognized interscholastic high school bowling team during the last school year.


Great news from Lincolnway Central HS junior Tommy Martini, the boys bowling Knights finished 2nd at Orland Bowl sectional today (Jan. 19, 2019) and are on their way to the

Illinois HS State Bowling Tournament!

Tommy lead the charge with a 275 - 1335 for six games, averaging 222!

Spectacular bowling, I knew all your work would pay off.

Congratulations To Lincolnway Central Lady Knights varsity bowling team, 3rd in 2019 SWSC Conference today at Strike N' Spare in Lockport.

BIG Congratulations to Kalei Bass, once again, lead her team and finished 6th place individually with 1187 series. Jan 19, 2019

Worked with new customer Kevin, from Palos Lanes. Goal, short term, is to shoot 600. Second outing for this 158 average bowler, after his first lesson, 591. Love this job!

Kevin bowled his second league session, after just his second lesson and rolled a 238 in league his last game to shoot 601. Proud coach and HAPPY bowler!

New student, excited about bowling, rolling twice a week, Felice McPherson was only averaging 150 last year. Tried some lessons, covid, she's back taking lessons, average moving up steadily. October 2020 190/171/160=521 the new normal. This month (November) outings of 189/200/191=580, last Sunday (Nov. 8) 188/188 /185=561. Looking at a Most Improved Bowler Award! Great bowling Felice.

Congratulations Coach Friedl! Bowling Monday April 9th 2018 in the Oaklawn Sportsman's League at Orland Bowl, Friedl rolled a perfect 300 game and 760 series (203-257-300) using a couple of Storm Hy- Roads. The pearl Hy-Road led to the big last game.

Tip to Improve your Spare Game:


The lane is 40 inches wide. Don't aim for the 4.75 inch wide pin, relax and put the ball in the 21 inch zone around your target.


You have HALF the lane to pick up a single pin spare,

but, 13.25 inches for the 7 pin or 10 pin, in each corner.





How Bowling Balls Are Made   (Storm)


How Bowling Balls Are Made (Ebonite)


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Choosing a High Performance Ball

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The Bowling Swing and Release 2

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