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Congratulations to Warren Friedl for rolling 203-257-300, 760 series on the Oaklawn Sportsman League at Orland Bowl Monday April 9th, 2018. The game and series were rolled with a Storm HyRoad, and HyRoad pearl. "Thanks to Storm Bowling, Roto Grip and 900 Global for making such good bowling equipment." Warren Friedl.

Congrats, Rich Reardon your 225, 249, 242 = 716 got you your fourth career 700 series Tuesday night at Palos Lanes and bumped you over the 200 average mark to 201.90. A long way from the 138 when we met. Great shooting, great scoring, couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Great to hear from Velada Shavers, bowling well with her Hammer Widows, and a new Storm Alpha Crux: 223, 254,189, 204,191, 202, 205, 189. Mostly at Burr Oak Bowl, but look out Dolton, she'll be back. You've gotten the hang of your equipment and are not working too hard, letting the ball do the work. Spectacular!


Nice to see Steve Nylan at Tinley Bowl Thursday. Good news the last ball I did for him was a DV8 Thug, and he parleyed it into 298, since I saw him last. Nice bowling Steve. Rolling hot on Saturday night at Laraway Lanes.

BIG ATTA BOY to Tim Pajak at Orland Bowl on Monday night, The Deal Is On was chugging, taking 7 points on the heels of Tim's 269-215-267-751. Pajak used Roto Grip's Haywire and Menace to do all the damage.

Congratulations to Dave Watkins big games with Roto Grip Haywire (287) and Sinister (289) last couple weeks. Not sure if he rolled the big games at Stardust II in Dyer, IN or Lansing's Lan-Oak Bowl. Looks like a Roto Grip No Rules pearl is in his future. Good choice DAVE.

The USBC Masters was the No. 1 rated show on ESPN & any ESPN network on Sunday Feb. 26th. #PBA




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